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Drivetrain for Freightliner Trucks

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The drivetrain components supplied by S & S Truck Parts are manufactured especially for use in Freightliner Truck applications. Our components are designed as replacements for Freightliner series and models - see below for the full list.


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S-19817 11-14418-000 Gasket, Axle Stop N/A
S-20327 805096 Pinion Bearing Set Freightliner RT4404 Inner
S-20328 805097 Pinion Bearing Set Freightliner RT4404 Outer
S-22814 FUL K4148 Speed Sensor Kit N/A
S-20730 MBA 01-39976-246 Pinion Seal Alliance Rear
S-20731 MBA 01-39976-646 Input Seal Alliance Front
S-20732 MBA 01-39976-746 Output Seal Alliance Front
S-21208 MBA 681 357 06 01 Axle Shaft Alliance
S-21207 MBA 681 357 07 01 Axle Shaft Alliance
S-21265 MBA 681-990-02-52 Nut Alliance
S-20325 S-20325 Bearing Kit Freightliner Alliance Front
S-20326 S-20326 Bearing & Seal Kit Freightliner Alliance Rear Axle
S-21254 S-5001 Helical Drive Gear Freightliner Alliance axles for pre 2009 applicaitons
S-21255 S-5002 Pinion Drive Gear Alliance
S-21256 S-5003 Clutch Collar Alliance
S-21258 S-5009 Side Gear Input Shaft Alliance
S-21259 S-5012 Input Shaft Alliance
S-21260 S-5014 Cross and Pinion Kit Alliance
S-21452 S-5015 Power Divider Oil Baffle Alliance
S-21261 S-5016 Gear Set Alliance, Ratio 3.58 Front & Rear, For Standard & Diff. Lock
S-21262 S-5017 Case Half-Non Ring Alliance
S-21270 S-5018 Lock Sliding Clutch Alliance
S-21263 S-5019 Gear Set Alliance, Ratio 3.42 Front & Rear, For Standard & Diff. Lock
S-21264 S-5020 Differential Gear Kit 3-Piece Cross Shaft & Washers
Alliance "46 Spline W/ Diff. Lock, 4 Pinions, 2 Side Gears
S-5023 S-5023 Helical Drive Gear ART400-4, post-2009 applications
S-5025 S-5025 Pinion Drive Gear 2009 and after Freightliner ART400-4 Alliance axles
S-5026 S-5026 Side Gear ART400-4, after 2009 applications
S-20810 SAA 85920038 ABS Speedo Sensor N/A
S-19630 SP 071HG100 Front Hub Gasket N/A
S-16433 SP CLT008P Clutch Lube Tube N/A
S-19592 SP029HH100 Pinion Oil Seal N/A
S-18486 SP40285 Oil Seal N/A
  Results 1 - 32 of 32 1 
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