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Front and Rear Truck Suspension Parts for Peterbilt, Kenworth and Freightliner Applications

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S & S Truck Parts is a supplier of front and rear truck suspension and chassis parts for Peterbilt, Kenworth, and Freightliner trucks. These suspension parts are suitable for self-installation and are compatible with a wide range of models of Peterbilt, Kenworth, and Freightliner trucks. Parts and components available include shackles, pines, spring elements, airleaf housings, shim and washer kits, and more.

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S-15348 680-322-01-50 Leaf Spring Bushing FREIGHTLINER FS65
S-15349 IPC 234761 Cab Mount Sway Bar Bushing FLD
S-15468 16-16412-000 Leaf Spring Bushing N/A
S-18356 16-18035-000 Leaf Spring Bushing N/A
S-18487 16-15496-000 Bushing Kit FREIGHTLINER SWAYBAR
S-18489 A16-16057-000 Spring Shackle Freightliner
S-18630 03AL1 Spring Eye Bushing Kit Peterbilt
S-18631 03AL2 Spring Eye Bushing Kit Peterbilt
S-18693 16-12301-000 Spring Eye Bushing FREIGHTLINER FLD112 / 120
S-18801 02-02311-M001 Spring Hanger PETERBILT CONVENTIONAL, 1987 & UP
S-18802 03-01654 Airleaf Housing Peterbilt
S-18803 03-05117 Low Airleaf Housing Peterbilt
S-18804 03-01656 Top Plate Peterbilt
S-18805 03-07296 Wear Plate Peterbilt
S-19138 B65-1007
Spring Eye Bushing KENWORTH T800
S-19168 15002CSI Rubber Spring KENWORTH T600 - T800
S-19194 FL1100 Spring Shackle Kit Freightliner Century Class
S-19195 FL1200 Spring Shackle Kit Freightliner Century Class
S-19196 23-09860-012 Shim and Washer Kit Freightliner Century Class
S-19197 16-09040-001 Shim Kit Freightliner Century Class
S-19198 680 325 00 09
A 680 325 00 09
Spring Pad Freightliner Century Class
S-19391 B65-1006 Spring Eye Bushing KENWORTH T600, T800, T900, T9000 Truck Models
S-19497 N/A K241-570-296 N/A U-Bolt Kenworth T600, T700 and T800 models
S-19795 02-01784 Spring Shackle N/A
S-19796 02-01805 Spring Eye Bushing N/A
S-19841 11-23853-001 N/A N/A U-Bolt N/A
S-19842 03-04516-155 U-Bolt Kit Conventional and Cabover
S-19965 HDR 30057 007L Various Hendrickson Suspension N/A
S-19966 18-45384-000 Cabin Mount Century Class
S-20117 B65-1001 Spring Eye Bushing T2000 Series
S-20118 B65-1013 Spring Eye Bushing T800
S-20119 K233-520 Shock Stud T2000, Front
S-20261 A16-12614-001 Leaf Spring 14K W/ BUSHING FOR HENDRICKSON SUSPENSION
S-20262 A16-13977-000 Leaf Spring 14K PARABOLIC SPRING WITH HENDRICKSON
S-20263 A16-15293-000 Leaf Spring FL, CL120 MODELS WITH 14.6K
S-20272 B65-6005 Spring Eye Bushing 59-546, 548, 550 AND 552
S-20278 B65-1002 Spring Pin T2000
S-20279 02-00180 Spring Pin Conventional
S-20280 02-01562 Spring Pin 1977 - 1986 Conventional and C.O.E
S-20281 03-01657 Air Leaf Plate N/A
S-20294 6262 Spring Pin C500, K100/300, W900, T300/400/450/600/800, T2000
S-20295 B65-1008 Spring Pin C500B, C550B, T600A, T600B, T800, T800B
S-20296 K179-378 Spring Pin C500 K100/300 W900 T3/4/6/800 T2000
S-20297 02-01747 Side Bar N/A
S-20298 03-05100 Air Leaf Plate Peterbilt Low Mount Air Leaf Single and Tandem
S-20319 16-18972-000 Torque Rod Assembly Freightliner Airliner Suspension
S-20321 16-14416-000 Spring Hanger FLD
S-20334 RHS 5541801 Steering Gear Kit N/A
S-20447 03-05108 Torque Arm 379
S-20511 C65-6009 Torque Rod N/A
S-20518 03-04516-165 U-Bolt Kit Conventional Cabovers
S-20564 A681-891-00-01 Cabin Mount FLD
S-20565 A681-890-00-01 Cabin Mount FLD
S-20587 HWC06894 Nut N/A
S-20588 HWU20649 Nut N/A
S-20589 HWC12501 Nut N/A
S-20590 HWC06868 Nut N/A
S-20723 K066-406 Front Engine Mount T600 and W900
S-20724 K066-228 Radiator Mount Kenworth and Peterbilt
S-20834 03-05110-155 U-Bolt Kit LOW MOUNT AIR LEAF SUSPENSIONS
S-20890 C34-6000 U-Bolt Flex Air Suspension Used Before 3/27/04
S-20891 K241-296 U-Bolt 12 & 16K Lbs
Front Axles
S-20892 02-01375-100 U-Bolt Assembly FRONT AXLE 12 - 16k LBS
S-20893 HWC01041 Nut-Hex Multiple U-Bolt applications
S-20897 27-00508-16
High Nut N/A
S-20942 K241-570-270 U-Bolt, Front Spring KENWORTH T600, T700, & T800 FRONT SUSPENSION
S-20943 K241-571-322 U-Bolt, Front Spring KENWORTH T600, T700, & T800 FRONT SUSPENSION
S-21014 K324-383 Bracket, Shock Absorber KENWORTH W900, T600, T800, T2000, C500, K100/300
S-21105 08-02564 08-02564 Bracket Strap KENWORTH W900 AND PETERBILT 378 TRUCK MODELS
S-21702 B13-1000 B13-1000 Bushing, Spring Pin KENWORTH C500, 511/300, W900, T300/400/450/600/800, T2000 FRONT SUSPENSIONS
S-21704 B13-1002 B13-1002 Bushing, Spring Pin Kenworth C500, K100/300, W900, T300/400/450/600/800, T2000 Front Suspensions
Peterbilt Conventional/Cab over Front Suspensions w/ 4" Wide Springs
S-21815 03-01203
U-Bolt Washer USED FOR 03-04516-165 U-BOLT KIT
S-21916 K048-449 Air Spring Bracket ALL KENWORTH MODELS
S-21974 23-09114-003 Washer N/A
S-21985 K272-145 Center Support Bracket KENWORTH AIRGLIDE 100 AIR RIDE SUSPENSION
S-22091 20-08257 Cab Mount PETERBILT TRUCK MODEL 387
S-22182 N/A K197-2943 N/A Support Bracket Kenworth Airglide 100 suspensions
S-22243 N/A 27-01746 27-01746 Air Spring Stud Multiple Peterbilt and Kenworth models
S-22389 16-15632-001
N/A N/A Torque Rod Assembly FLD
S-22391 18-37924-000 N/A N/A Cab Sway Bar Mount FLD
S-22416 17-13337-000 N/A N/A Torsion Bar N/A
S-22439 N/A 11760 N/A Engine Mount Kit Multiple Kenworth Applications
S-22480 N/A B81-1003 N/A Front Leaf Spring Kenworth T600 models
S-22604 16-13568-000 N/A N/A Equalizer Bushing Freightliner FH34A leaf spring suspensions
S-22716 N/A HWC05782 N/A Washer Multipurpose suspension hardware for Kenworth truck applications
S-22810 N/A HWC01079 N/A Hex Capscrew N/A
S-22833 A16-16338-000 N/A N/A Leaf Spring Assembly Freightliner M2 Truck Models
Sterling Acterra
S-9432 02-01781 Spring Pin Peterbilt
S-9433 16-12373-000 Spring Pin Freightliner
S-A766 16-11890-000 Shackle FREIGHTLINER B AND C CLASS
S-B003 16-12302-000 Spring Pin FREIGHTLINER B AND C CLASS
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